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2008 Internet2 IDEA Awards Approaching

February 26, 2008

The 2008 Internet2 IDEA Award recipients will be presented in April at the Internet2 consortium's member meeting in Arlington, Virginia. Open to existing or proposed applications, the Internet2 IDEA awards are designed to showcase projects that apply the latest in advanced networking capabilities to enable transformational progress in research, to enhance teaching and learning, and to potentially increase the impact of next-generation networks around the world.
A podcast detailing last year's winners is available here:
A new award category, "Wave of the Future," has been added to recognize innovators who are developing and deploying advanced applications that specifically require or make use of a dedicated optical circuit with capacities up to 10 gigabits per second.
"As new technologies spawn innovation, the new capabilities of the Internet2 network infrastructure will open the door to new ways of thinking about advanced applications," said Ray Ford, chief information and technology officer at the University of Montana and new chair of the Internet2 Applications, Middleware & Services Advisory Council (AMSAC). "The new IDEA award category recognizes those in our community whose imaginations allow them to embrace something never-before tried, and turn it into the next thing our community can't imagine living without."
Internet2 IDEA Award submissions are judged by a panel of leaders from the Internet2 community on the following criteria: magnitude of the positive impact of the application for its current users; technical merit of the application; breadth of impact, as indicated by current user base, and likelihood of broader adoption by its full natural community of potential users. More information about the Internet2 IDEA Awards is available at http://www.internet2.edu/idea/.

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