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Associated article: Undocumented Corner

Tags: Database    

by Tim Coe
edited by Andrew Schulman

Listing One

Pentium (60 & 90)
  8.24633702441000E+0011 = 4026BFFFFFB829000000  824633702441
  1.00000000000000E+0000 = 3FFF8000000000000000             1
  1.21265962489116E-0012 = 3FD7AAAAAADFDB8E4CCB  1/824...
  9.99999996274710E-0001 = 3FFEFFFFFFF000000001  (1/824..)*824...

  8.24633702441000E+0011 = 4026BFFFFFB829000000
  1.00000000000000E+0000 = 3FFF8000000000000000
  1.21265962940867E-0012 = 3FD7AAAAAAEA8638FB73
  1.00000000000000E+0000 = 3FFF8000000000000000

Listing Two

    3221224323           12884897291          206158356633
  824633702441         1443107810341         6597069619549
 9895574626641        13194134824767        13194134826115
13194134827143        13194134827457        13194138356107
13194139238995        26388269649885        26388269650425
26388269651561        26388276711601        26388276712811
52776539295213        52776539301125        52776539301653
52776539307823        52776553426399  

Listing Three

1011111111111111111111111011100000101001       = 824633702441
1011111111111111111110111000001000110111101101 = 52776539295213

Listing ...							
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