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The new issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal is here, redesigned for better viewing, navigation, and readability! In this issue, we explore the Windows third-party ecosystem, take on the mother of all practical scheduling algorithms, explore autonomous UIs, check out Silverlight's new concurrency profiling capabilities, and more!

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  • Windows Third-Party Ecosystem
    by Eric J. Bruno
    Trusted third-party components can speed the development process, cut costs, and ultimately make the difference between project success and failure. Eric takes you on a tour of the current Window's third-party landscape.
  • Autonomous User Interfaces for Mobile Apps
    by Robi Karp
    Scriptable, autonomous UI coding lets OEMs, developers, integrators, and other ecosystem participants completely control and customize the look-and-feel of the end-user experience.
  • Silverlight Developers, Take Note
    by Gastón Hillar
    Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta 1 has something Silverlight application developers will find particularly useful — the addition of performance wizards to for profiling concurrency.
  • Helping Out
    by Andrew Binstock
    Meet Andrew Binstock, Dr. Dobb's new Executive Editor.
  • Q&A with Jason Beres
    by Deirdre Blake
    Infragistics' VP of product management discusses the mechanics of Window's third-party development.
  • Tough Apps: Pretty Good at Half the Speed
    by Dennis Shasha
    Dennis takes on the mother of all practical scheduling algorithms — the shop scheduling problem.
  • Blog of the Month
    Conversion Constructors and Subtle Dangers
    by Matthew Wilson
    Exploring the subtleties of what can go wrong with the best laid plans of library designers.

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