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This March 2012 digital issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal is devoted to Microsoft technologies. Learn how to create a custom output cache provider in ASP.NET 4, discover parallel queries in .NET with PLINQ, explore the task scheduler in Visual Studio's CRT, and more!

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  • Creating a Custom Output Cache Provider in ASP.NET 4
    By Joydip Kanjilal
  • ASP.NET 4 provides support for cache extensibility through a provider model that you can write yourself. The primary benefit of this approach is that you can cache objects outside of the ASP.NET Worker Process. Getting the performance benefits of this customized cache control requires a few basic steps, presented in this article.

  • PLINQ: Parallel Queries in .NET
    By Donis Marshall
  • LINQ queries execute when you iterate over the results, and they execute sequentially. With PLINQ, the iterations are performed in parallel, as tasks are scheduled on threads running in the .NET Framework 4 thread pool.


    By Andrew Binstock

  • From the Vault: Concurrency Runtime (CRT) — The Task Scheduler
    By Lahlali Issam
  • Visual C++ 2010 came with new features and enhancements to simplify native programming. The Concurrency Runtime (CRT), for instance, is a framework that simplifies parallel programming and helps you write robust, scalable, and responsive parallel applications. This article explores the Task Scheduler, which schedules and coordinates tasks at runtime.

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