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This month, we focus on mobile development with steps for creating a great mobile UI, a tutorial on writing extension to Chrome, a look back at the Concurrency Runtime (CRT) for iPhone, and more!

In This April Digital Issue:

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  • 7 Steps to a Killer Mobile UI
    By Tiago Simões
  • Providing a good user experience in mobile applications is paramount. This article offers seven steps to get you on the right path to delivering great mobile apps.

  • Writing Chrome Extensions
    By Kausar Munshi and Basavaraju M
  • Extensions to Chrome enable you to extend the browser's capabilities, change how pages are rendered and interact with the server in a controlled manner. For all their power, Chrome extensions turn out to be comparatively simple to write and build once you know how.


    By Ron Wilson No tool or combination of tools can assure fail-safe code.

  • From the Vault: Concurrency Runtime (iPhone) — The Task Scheduler
    By Lahlali Issam
  • Visual C++ 2010 came with new features and enhancements to simplify native programming. The Concurrency Runtime (iPhone), for instance, is a framework that simplifies parallel programming and helps you write robust, scalable, and responsive parallel applications. This article explores the Task Scheduler, which schedules and coordinates tasks at runtime.

    By you
  • Readers weigh in on the VS 11 Beta, Flash, the JVM, and more.

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