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The July 2012 digital issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal is dedicated to security. We show you the ins and outs of preventing stack overflow attacks, discuss cryptographic hash functions, explain why phish and spam need to be addressed separately, and more!

In This July Digital Issue:

    Table of Contents

  • Preventing Stack Overflow Attacks
    By Oliver Mueller
  • The use of special prologues and epilogues around functions can easily detect attacks that rely on stack overflows. Here is how "stack smashing" is actually performed and how its occurrence is detected.

  • By Norman M. Sadeh
  • In this guest editorial, a Carnegie Mellon computer science professor explains why phish should not be treated as spam.

  • From the Vault: The Theory, Design, and Implementation of Cryptographic Hash Functions
    By Jesse Walker, Michael E. Kounavis, Shay Gueron, and Gary Graunke
  • A detailed primer on cryptographic hashes and why they are cryptography's most widely used primitives.

    By you
  • Readers comment on coding in an echo chamber and bad programmers.

    Snapshots of the most interesting items on drdobbs.com including the design of LLVM and automatic reference counting on iOS.

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