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In the August 2011 digital issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal, we walk you through the delicate process of handing off data between threads in concurrent code, introduce techniques for creating your own domain-specific language, revisit Bayesian text classification, and more!

In This August Digital Issue:

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  • Implementing Producer-Consumer Hand-Offs in C
    By Andrew Binstock
  • It's important to know how to code the hand-off of data between concurrent threads correctly and efficiently.

  • Creating Your Own Domain-Specific Language
    By Sebastian Zarnekow
  • Users of technical software often want to extend a package's capabilities by writing scripts. To do this, developers need to provide DSL capabilities. This article introduces the tools for easily writing and verifying a DSL grammar.

  • From the Vault: Naive Bayesian Text Classification
    By John Graham-Cumming
  • John Graham-Cumming uses Perl to show that while spam filtering may be the best-known use of naďve Bayesian text classification, it’s not the only application.

  • Praise of Benevolent Dictators
    By Andrew Binstock
  • The programming languages that enjoy the most esteem by their users are all designed and managed by benevolent dictators, rather than committees.

  • Letters
    By you
  • This month, Dr. Dobb's readers recommend another C library, discuss defining "immutability," surrender in the quest for small classes, and propose a new use for virual machines

  • Links
  • Snapshots of the most interesting articles on drdobbs.com, including including "Using JDK 7's Fork/Join Framework" and "Sizing Android Visual Elements Correctly".

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