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In the September 2011 digital issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal, we'll tour Subversion 1.7, which includes a completely redesigned WC library among other new features; guide you through an automated build for the Eclipse Rich Client Platform; explore Microsoft's approach to parallelism, and more!

In This September Digital Issue:

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  • What's New in Subversion 1.7
    By C. Michael Pilato
  • A completely redesigned working copy library speeds common operations, more streamlined communication between clients and servers is delivered while still preserving compatibility across all released Subversion versions to date, and much more!

  • Automating an Eclipse RCP Build
    By Micah Hainline
  • The Lightning project combines the new automated build tool Buckminster, the Eclipse Test Framework, and the integration testing tool SWTBot to set up an automated build with tests for the Eclipse RCP on Linux and Windows.

  • Parallel Microsoft-Style
    By Andrew Binstock
  • The actor model of concurrency is gaining favor in Java but remains largely ignored by Microsoft.

  • From the Vault: Algorithmic Trading
    By John Bates
  • In the algorithmic trading space, an "algorithm" describes a sequence of steps by which patterns in real-time market data can be recognized and responded to.

  • Letters
    By you
  • Readers weigh in on all manner of matters.

  • Links
  • Snapshots of the most interesting articles on drdobbs.com, including the Gosu language, the Intel Vector Math Library, Scott Ambler's take on the fine art of ignoring stakeholders, and more.

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