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In our September issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal, we focus on the cloud and web development, explaining how Dart eases the development of HTML5 applications, exploring the new service levels in Windows Azure, overviewing the Amazon and Google cloud ecosystems, and more!

In This September Digital Issue:

    Table of Contents

  • Dart: Build HTML5 Web Apps Fast
    By Seth Ladd
  • Dart is a language, library, toolset, and virtual machine from Google that greatly facilitates writing fast, interactive HTML5 apps without requiring you to be a JavaScript expert

  • The New Service Levels of Windows Azure
    By Dino Esposito
  • The real breakthrough here is the opportunity to deploy a Linux-based image on the Microsoft cloud.


  • From the Vault:
    Getting Started with the Cloud—The Ecosystem

    By Allen Holub
  • This article discusses general cloud-related issues and looks specifically at the Amazon and Google cloud architectures.

    By you
  • Readers contributed stimulating responses to recent articles on coding style, static analysis, and parallel programming's future.

    Snapshots of the most interesting items on drdobbs.com including a Go tutorial and contracts in Metro.

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