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In this final issue of 2011, Andrew Koenig argues that destructors can be just as harmful as goto statements in C++. We also explore cross-platform development with Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling, review fixed-point arithmetic types for C++, and more!

In This January Digital Issue:

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  • Destructors Considered Harmful
    By Andrew Koenig
  • C++ destructors have their own hazards, with nature and causes that are analogous to those of the goto statement. This article argues that programmers should seriously consider restricting the use of destructors to data structures that are intended to avoid those hazards.

  • Cross-Platform Development with Eclipse CDT
    By Ben Dupont
  • Create one Eclipse project that can be used to compile on Windows using the Visual Studio compiler or on Linux using GCC, and share the source code via SVN.

  • From the Vault: Fixed-Point Arithmetic Types for C++
    By Kurt Guntheroth
  • This handy entry from our archives presents three fixed-point types, coded as C++ template classes, which are intended as drop-in replacements for int or double.


    By Andrew Binstock

  • Letters
    By you
  • Readers discuss surveys, commenting, ARM devices and more.

  • Links
  • Snapshots of the most interesting articles on drdobbs.com including Automating iOS Application Testing and Dialectics and Compiler Warnings.

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