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  • Mobile Platforms: Developer’s Perspective Tom Thompson and Eric Bruno examine the leading mobile platforms -- iPhone, Android, Nokia, BlackBerry, MeeGo -- from the developer's perspective.
  • Developing a Silverlight UI for Windows Phone 7: Gaston Hillar builds a Windows Phone 7 UI from scratch, covering the necessary tools, SDKs and the mobile device emulator.
  • Virtualization and Mobile Devices: Daniel Potts examines current assumptions about multicore, power management, and virtualization in mobile devices.
  • The Android Developer Experience: Mike Riley reports on what you'll like -- and what you won't like -- about Android development.
  • Porting JavaScript Applications to the iPhone: Tom Thompson examines the iPhone's web capabilities by porting a web-based application to the mobile device.
  • Mobile Widgets and the Internet Experience: Craig Cumberland explains why widgets -- those little programs that typically run on desktops -- are coming to mobile platforms in a big way.
  • The iPhone Isn’t Easy: Tom Thompson found out the hard way that iPhone development isn't always easy.
  • Contextual Applications and the Flash Platform: Ryan Stewart shows how to create mobile apps that look-and-feel the same as on the desktop and browser.
  • MeeGo Application Development: Eric Bruno examines MeeGo, a Linux-based OS built especially for Intel Atom-based mobile devices.

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