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JetBrains Updates TeamCity Build Tool

JetBrains has announced availability of Release 4 of its TeamCity continuous integration server and distributed build management tool. TeamCity automates routine procedures, improves team communication, and helps development teams implement agile methodology and other industry best practices.

"Since its creation, TeamCity has been a key element in our own development process," said JetBrains CEO Sergey Dmitriev. "The production TeamCity server at JetBrains is currently having over 50 build configurations in a build grid with more than 50 build agents, with literally every project and every developer using it on a daily basis. With features such as fast feedback on build progress, pre-tested commits, and server-side code analysis with over 600 code inspections, TeamCity tremendously shortens the time needed for introducing new features and fixes, and helps us achieve higher end-product quality at a faster pace than ever before."

Specific TeamCity 4.0 features include:

  • Build Chains support which lets you break down a single build procedure into several parts/builds that can be run on different build agents, in sequence or in parallel, using the same set of sources in all of them
  • Tests re-ordering. TeamCity 4.0 can determine a set of tests which are likely to fail, and perform those tests first the next time the project builds
  • Possibility to redo any build from a particular version control revision (history builds)
  • Improved agents authentication mechanics, per-agent CPU-benchmarks, and agents overview statistics matrix
  • Statistics for an entire project, and comparative statistics on a single chart
  • New integrations, including FxCop and dedicated Rake runner, as well as improvements for old ones such as MSTest
  • Improved Eclipse integration
  • UI improvements. New Project page with project-centric information and statistics, dedicated page for viewing individual test statistics and details, and many improvements in dependencies management
  • Some plugins bundled with TeamCity -- such as integrations with Eclipse, ClearCase and FxCop -- are now open source

TeamCity 4.0 is available free of charge for individual developers and small-to-medium teams (free professional edition is restricted to 20 build configurations, and three build agents).

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