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IBM, Intel, Cisco Open HPC Center

IBM, Intel, and Cisco have opened a High-Performance Computing (HPC) Center in Montpellier, France. The center will be equipped with a mix of 45nm and 65nm based Quad-Core Intel Xeon microprocessors on 32 IBM BladeCenter servers, interconnected by Cisco Infiniband and Ethernet switches. The companies plan to expand the facility as new technology becomes available on cluster computing. Together these technologies provide customers a comprehensive test-bed to simplify the set-up and operation of their high-performance infrastructure.

The expanded state-of-the-art HPC center will offer independent software vendors the ability to test and benchmark analytic software, engineering, aerospace design, and other high-performance applications.

"We're pleased to expand our Montpellier Center with new HPC technologies from Intel and Cisco," said IBM's Dave Jursik. "This new capability will leverage the HPC resources and expertise in Montpellier and help IBM bring the benefits of high-performance computing to departmental and mid-scale users. Customers and partners, for example, will be able to size, test and benchmark critical applications such as Fluent."

Cisco's Phil Andrews added that "as the need for high-performance computing applications continues to grow, customers need to test drive these applications on a real-world IT infrastructure that uses the market leading HPC technologies. Together with IBM and Intel, we are providing a center where our customers can come and experience their applications at the speed of high performance computing and determine the technologies they need create the same experience in their own environment."

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