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Progress Pacific PaaS Is A Wider Developer's PaaS

Progress has used its Progress Exchange 2013 exhibition and developer conference to announce new features in the Progress Pacific platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that allow more time and energy to be spent solving business problems with data-driven applications and less time worrying about technology and writing code.

The firm is pushing to create a route for building scalable applications, which can easily integrate with real-time data from multiple sources for faster business reaction, analysis, and problem solving.

This is a case of cloud-centric data-driven software application development supporting workflows that are engineered to Real Time Data (RTD) from disparate sources, other SaaS entities, sensors, and points within the Internet of Things — for developers, these workflows must be functional for mobile, on premise, and hybrid apps where minimal coding is required such that the programmer is isolated to a degree from the complexity of middleware, APIs, and drivers.

Easy, on-demand access to all Pacific capabilities in one place maximizes developer productivity, says the company. It also eliminates complexity for faster implementation and easier workflows, business logic, and data integration.

The new fully integrated Pacific features and functionality provide fast data integration regardless of source. Apps with built-in real-time access to disparate SaaS, relational database, Big Data, social, CRM, and ERP systems can be developed with just one connection using the Pacific rapid application development technology and the Pacific data connectivity service.

Features incude flexible deployment options for secure, scalable, multi-tenant applications. The needs of a dynamic business environment can be met in cloud, on-premise, mobile, or hybrid infrastructures through the Pacific secure, scalable, high-performance database; business rules and decision logic technology; and business process management capabilities.

New technology has also been detailed that enables self-service integration, blending and reporting of data from multiple applications. This is Progress Easyl, a patent pending new launch for self-service data integration with point-and-click usage functionality.

Phil Pead, president and CEO at Progress, said, "To be successful in today's rapidly changing business environment, developers and businesses need to be able to build and deliver solutions faster than ever before. Taking years to design, write, and test code is no longer tenable. Progress Pacific provides an intuitive, easy-to-use platform where the complexities of application development and data access are removed, enabling developers and businesses to simply focus on solving their market and business problems."

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