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Associated article: Visual Programming with Prograph

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A self-extracting archive of Prograph for Windows. This version does not include the compiler. Programs can be executed under the interpreter, but cannot be compiled into stand-alone executables or DLLs. It also does not include the Application Building Classes (ABCs) or Editors (ABEs). If you have used Prograph before you should look at the release notes and documentation for new features in "PrographInfoPages\Online Documentation\Online Documentation.htm". Also, this version does not include the help files. However, the file PGV12B1.EXE does include the help files and is available at If you have any problems with or comments about Prograph for Windows, contact [email protected]

					  machine:machineType x86-32   Creation-Date 1996-12-06T20:17:50Z   machine:endian Little   machine:platform Windows   stream_source_info myfile   stream_content_type application/octet-stream   machine:architectureBits 32   stream_size 11112665   stream_name pgv12b2.exe   Content-Type application/x-msdownload; format=pe32   Content-Type application/...							
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