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In the February 2013 digital issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal, we focus on parallelism, with an exploration of task-based programming in Windows, and a review of avoiding synching by waiting in C++ and multithreaded asynchronous I/O. We also discuss the future of NoSQL databases, and more!

In This February Digital Issue:

    Table of Contents

  • Task-Based Programming in Windows
    By John Revill
  • Setting up a reliable parallel execution context so that programs can be converted into a series of independent executable tasks.

  • Why NoSQL Is Here To Stay
    By Matt Asay
  • While they won't displace traditional RDBMSs, the easy scalability and programmability of NoSQL databases guarantees them a permanent place in the data center.

  • Improving Futures & Callbacks in C++ To Avoid Synching by Waiting
    By Artur Laksberg
  • In C++, futures are a great way of decomposing a program into concurrent parts, but a poor way of composing those parts into a responsive and scalable program. This recent article from our vault shows how Microsoft's Parallel Pattern Library (PPL) provides a solution using tasks.

  • Multithreaded Asynchronous I/O & I/O Completion Ports
    By Tom R. Dial
  • This classic article examines multithreading and I/O completion ports, which distribute work across threads or processes and schedule work efficiently to maximize responsiveness and throughput.

    By you
  • Readers comment on copyright and offer more on methodologies.

    Snapshots of the most interesting items on drdobbs.com including building scalable web architecture and accessing data with REST in Windows 8 applications.

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