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Windows programming is our focus in the March issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal: Understand the new Win8 socket API, prevent XSS attacks in ASP.NET Web apps, refresh your knowledge of atomic operations, and more!

In This March Digital Issue:

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  • The New Socket APIs in Windows 8
    By Stephen Baker
  • Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 introduce important extensions to the venerable Microsoft Winsock stack. For some apps, the new APIs are your only option, for others, they might be your best performing option.

  • Prevent Cross-Site Scripting in ASP.NET Web Apps
    By David Ross
  • Cross-site scripting threats can be greatly minimized by proper encoding. On ASP.NET apps, the Microsoft AntiXSS Library is one of the easiest ways to do the encoding correctly.

  • Win8 Development: The Lessons Learned
    By Chris Sells
  • Know what combination of technologies to use, design your architecture correctly, and differentiate your app from others — these are the fundamental practices of coding in the age of Windows 8.

  • Boosting Performance with Atomic Operations in .NET 4
    By Gaston Hillar
  • To update some shared variables, you can replace mutual exclusion with a more efficient atomic operation. This simple change boosts performance and reduces contention.

    Snapshots of the most interesting items on drdobbs.com including improving tests for reliability and implementing half floats in D.

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