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In the May issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal, we focus on Web development: ASP.NET forms, Microsoft's JavaScript alternative, scaling Web apps, and handling the problem of multiple form factors in the front-end UI. More than 30 pages of our rich, technical Dr. Dobb's content, with few ads, and no clutter.

In This May Digital Issue:

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  • Responsive Web Development: A Device-Oriented Salvation
    By Dino Esposito
  • Responsive Web design is providing an excellent solution to sites that need to respond to mobile users, but don't want to tailor apps to an infinite number of devices and form factors.

  • Supercharging ASP.NET Web Form Apps
    By Charles Nurse
  • The majority of ASP.NET websites are built using the ASP.NET Web Forms model. It provides a simple, stateful abstraction over the stateless HTTP protocol, and focuses on server-side processing. Recently, websites have focused more on a client-side model with the use of JavaScript, AJAX, and REST-style services. With the introduction of ASP.NET Web API in ASP.NET 4.5, it is now possible to add advanced client-side functionality to existing sites, while retaining many of the benefits of the Web Forms model.

  • Microsoft Typescript: The Lay of the Land
    By Gaston Hillar
  • Redmond's new language adds types to JavaScript syntax, but it compiles to pure JavaScript. How much does the typing help and how much clutter does it add to the resulting JavaScript?

  • Building Scalable Web Architecture and Distributed Systems
    By Kate Matsudaira
  • Careful planning of the Web architecture determines whether sites and Web apps can scale: Global cache vs. distributed cache? Using proxies to collapse service requests? How do you design and integrate the technologies?

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