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In the June issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal, we focus on database development by exploring detailed SQL profiling capabilities in MySQL 5.6, data loading with Apache Flume, extensible database architecture, and much more!

In This June Digital Issue:

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  • Detailed Profiling of SQL Activity in MySQL 5.6
    By Mark Leith
  • MySQL's latest update to the Performance Schema brings the ability to profile an statement's activity, low-level wait events, and I/O impact. It is the easiest and most detailed way to identify what statements to tune and how.

  • Acquiring Big Data Using Apache Flume
    By Dan McClary
  • Data analysis is only half the battle; getting the data into a Hadoop cluster is the first step in any "Big Data" deployment. Apache Flume uses an elegant design to make data loading easy and efficient.

  • Kernels, Contexts, Threads, and Extensible Database Architecture
    By Ken North
  • If you are building a new database management system or simply want to write better database applications, you should be aware of the extensible architecture of operating systems and database managers.

  • By Andrew Binstock

    By Adrian Bridgwater
  • Recent news on tools, platforms, languages, and the state of the software development world.

    Snapshots of the most interesting items on drdobbs.com including the Clojure philosophy, making APIs attractive to developers, and the pragmatic side of using big data.

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