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In the July issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal, we focus on testing by introducing two lightweight testing frameworks to unit test C code, reviewing 13 Linux debuggers for C++, examining the PEX Framework for testing .NET apps, and much more!

In This July Digital Issue:

    Table of Contents

  • Unit Testing in C: Tools and Conventions
    By James W. Grenning
  • A unit test harness is a software package that allows a programmer to express how production code should behave. This article presents two lightweight testing frameworks make it easy to unit test C code.

  • 13 Linux Debuggers for C++ Reviewed
    By Howard Rubin
  • Most time in debuggers is spent doing the same few things: setting breakpoints, stepping through code, looking at variables. Which products make those features supremely accessible and useful? We compare 13 debuggers and find out.

  • Working with Microsoft PEX Framework
    By Joydip Kanjilal
  • The PEX Framework is a Visual Studio add-in for automated white-box testing of .NET applications. Developed by Microsoft Research, PEX is capable of performing application code analysis, searching for boundary conditions, generating test cases, searching for assertion failures, and ultimately reducing costs.

    By you
  • Readers remark on orthodoxy vs. pragmatism.

    By Adrian Bridgwater
  • Recent news on tools, platforms, frameworks, and the state of the software development world.

    Snapshots of the most interesting items on drdobbs.com including semantics and the hurdles to mobile app development.

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