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How to get started in DevOps without buy-in, an outline of the first steps to achieving continuous delivery, the top ten best practices for DevOps, driving continuous integration from Git, and more!

The DevOps Issue:

  • Continuous Delivery: The First Steps
    By Dave Jabs
  • Continuous delivery integrates many practices that in their totality might seem daunting. But starting with a few basic steps brings immediate benefits. Here's how.

  • Guerilla Improvement
    By Langdon White and Robyn Bergeron
  • Getting started in DevOps without buy-in.

  • Driving Continuous Integration from Git
    By Sarah Goff-Dupont and Tim Pettersen
  • Testing, code coverage, style enforcement are all check-in and merge requirements that can be automated and driven from Git.

  • From the Vault: Top 10 Practices for Effective DevOps
    By Scott Ambler
  • While DevOps might mean different things to different organizations, there is an emerging core of best practices that further its goals of enhanced collaboration to produce better software.

  • News Briefs
    By Adrian Bridgwater
  • Recent news on tools, platforms, frameworks, and the state of the software development world.

  • Links
    Snapshots of interesting items on drdobbs.com including a Git tutorial and atomic operations and low-wait algorithms in CUDA.

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