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In our October issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal, we offer a roundup of JVM languages, an argument for the adoption of test-driven development, a detailed introduction to the Fantom programming language, and more!

In This October Digital Issue:

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  • A Long Look at JVM Languages
    By Eric Bruno
  • The JVM has become a prolific farm system for development of new languages. The performance of these languages, many of which are examined here, has been greatly improved by the addition of a new bytecode to Java.

  • TDD: Is There Really Any Debate Any Longer?
    By Joe Eames
  • A Dr. Dobb's editorial on the universal acceptance of unit testing begged the question: Why not TDD, too? Joe Eames details eight reasons why the test-driven development methodology deserves widespread adoption.

  • From the Vault: Fantom
    By Brian Frank
  • The Fantom language's co-creater explains how this general purpose, object-oriented language generates JavaScript, Java bytecodes, and .NET binaries.

    By you
  • Processors, unit tests, "Wintendo syndrome," code correctness, and language productivity...readers had a lot to say this month.

    Snapshots of the most interesting items on drdobbs.com including ASP.NET in Visual Studio 2012 and another installment of our tutorial series on Go.

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