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This month, we dive into design with a tutorial on dependency injection, a discussion of Lean UX, praise for small classes, and more!

Table of Contents:

  • UML 2.5: Do You Even Care?
    By Scott W. Ambler
  • Scott argues that while the OMG has been successful in marketing UML, it's been less successful in producing something people find useful.

  • Dependency Injection
    By Mark Seeman
  • By injecting methods, it's possible to insert different actions into a function without changing code -- the ultimate in loose coupling.

  • Lean UX: Making Sure You're Building the Right Product
    By Nellie LeMonier
  • By continuous discovery of users' needs and sharing the research with the entire team, you take the risk out of new projects.

  • From the Vault: In Praise of Small Classes
    By Andrew Binstock
  • Using small classes avoids introducing unnecessary complexity into your code. Now then, how to do it? Start with five not-so-easy steps.

  • News Briefs
    By Adrian Bridgwater
  • Recent news on tools, platforms, frameworks, and the state of the software development world.

  • Open-Source Dashboard
    Snapshots of interesting items on drdobbs.com including a look at machine learning with Apache Mahout and a debate about whether Java is dying.

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