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Infragistics Updates .NET Toolkit

Infragistics has announced a new release of its NetAdvantage for .NET which enables development flexibility and UI consistency across Microsoft's Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Silverlight.

"This release is all about giving developers the tools they need to enhance their application's user experience," says Infragistics' Jason Beres. "We officially launch the new ASP.NET data grid, add advanced Microsoft Excel support for Windows Forms and continue to leverage our WPF toolset's Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 support to introduce new controls that help developers enhance the user experience on the Microsoft Windows Client side."

New Window Forms features include:

  • The 2008 Microsoft Office System File Formats now export directly to the latest file format for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (.xlsx) and take advantage of Office Excel's 2007 new 1 million row capacity and the file format's human-readable, interoperable XML vocabulary.
  • WinCalcManager to Office Excel 2007 Formula Integration creates more robust interoperability between the Infragistics controls and the Office Excel 2007 product.
  • De-Serialization of Office Excel 2007 Formula Values enables the Infragistics. Excel libraries to pull data from Office Excel 2007 and translate the formulas as a formula value instead of a text string.
  • Additional WinCalcManager Formulas handle more complicated mathematics with the Infragistics math libraries and negate the need for lengthy custom code.

New features in the WPF Toolset include:

  • xamDataGrid Enhancements. The latest xamDataGrid release introduces end-user column customization and a persistence mechanism to save that customization giving end-users a custom experience with the grid.
  • Navigation Bar control adds navigation to WPF applications.
  • Printing Support requires only a couple lines of code to print the popular xamDataGrid.
  • Calendar and Calendar Dropdown bring the Windows Vista-experience to navigating through dates.
  • Tab Control surpasses the capabilities of the tab control included in Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation System.

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