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Jaspersoft 4: End-to-End BI for Web Apps

In the face of Business Intelligence (BI) behemoths such as IBM-Cognos and SAP gaining sizable chunks of the traditional corporate business market, Jaspersoft is hoping to entice customers to version 4.0 of it open source Business Intelligence Suite by describing it as the industry’s first complete BI offering designed for web applications. Jaspersoft 4 comes with a new modular UI architecture to separate the content and presentation layers in line with today’s web application standards. There is also a new GUI for "rich visual dashboarding" and new self-service features, too.

Jaspersoft claims that for more than two decades now, organizations have struggled to adopt BI due to the cost and complexity of traditional, proprietary BI tools. During this period, traditional BI vendors have invested millions in new features, but have not seen significant increases in user adoption. This challenge has led to the rise of BI Builders, those tasked with incorporating BI seamlessly into the everyday applications and processes of their users.

"Jaspersoft 4 builds on the open, standards-based architecture of the Jaspersoft BI Suite to bring usability typically found in consumer web applications. Its modern look and feel enhances web applications and gives end users access to intuitive, self-serve BI," according to the company.

“Jaspersoft is the first BI company to think and design their entire platform for use by and within today’s modern web application stacks. Since Jaspersoft 4 can be deployed just about anywhere, utilizes the standard architectures of web applications and comes with an open source business model, I’m encouraged by Jaspersoft’s approach to BI for both developers and professional users. Jaspersoft is showing great foresight and insight into what developers and BI professionals will need as the demand for BI within web and cloud-based applications continues to grow,” said Lyndsay Wise, founder and president of Wise Analytics.

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