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Dr. Dobb's Go Parallel

Translating Multicore Power Into Application Performance


Discover tips and best practices for analyzing and optimizing your apps

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  • Ansible Tower Reaches New Height

    Streamlined IT automation for enterprise DevOps

  • Graph APIs From Whitepages PRO

    Developers can enrich applications with identity verification and validation elements

  • The Internet of Overhyped Things

    Vendors and analysts would have us believe that the Internet of Things is imminent. But, in fact, it will be years before the obstacles it faces can be surmounted.

  • Programming with OpenCL 1.2

    printf-style debugging and the ability to partition computing devices into subdevices make OpenCL 1.2 a very useful upgrade.

  • Patching Mocks in Python

    Python's uniquely useful mechanism for temporarily changing resource behavior in unit testing.

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