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Big Blue Cloud ALM

Cloud ALM company CollabNet is partnering with Big Blue to offer its CloudForge development platform in the IBM Cloud Marketplace. IBM software application developer customers can sign up for a CloudForge account for tools to manage development projects (plan, code, track, and collaborate) and deploy code in the cloud.

The IBM Cloud marketplace offers access to SaaS applications, the firm's own Bluemix PaaS with its suite of so-called "composable" services, and the SoftLayer IaaS. Both firms talk of a "a single online destination" for this suite of developer cloud services.

"As part of the IBM Cloud marketplace, IBM clients can now embrace cloud development to provide structure and visibility to software development projects, as well as improve productivity and reduce costs," said Bill Portelli, cofounder and CEO of CollabNet. "The move to more projects being developed in the cloud provides a more efficient and practical path for development teams to code, collaborate, and deploy software."

CollabNet's CloudForge is intended to help developers build websites, mobile/cloud/web applications, and prototype and deploy business software. It offers a path to grow and scale through a flexible role-based framework intended to make it easy for developers to use — it is also supposed to be easy for administrators to scale to thousands of users.

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