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Finding Binary Clones with Opstrings & Function Digests: Part I

July, 2005: Finding Binary Clones with Opstrings & Function Digests: Part I

744 . ECD500E1A7A5B8EF213539EB00EA7DB7    cmpbk32.dll - jmp_GetOSVersion
744 . D2ED9FAAF554B24E15CA26F0AF33B6F4    riched20.dll - off_74E50E08
744 . C56930F2796C78605C6399317B2E83AC    dmintf.dll - off_6CA231EA
744 . 63215108C3F4923AD61AFE8766A3C265    opengl32.dll - off_5ED6ECBA
744 . 1048805DE9ABC21DC0D3FB4733C00C01    user32.dll - off_77D7E38A
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    cewmdm.dll - fn_6F64F43D
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    dlimport.exe - <b>[email protected]</b>
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    drmclien.dll - fn_41B1F4CD
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    drmv2clt.dll - fn_5186C71D
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    dxmasf.dll - <b>[email protected]</b>
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    encdec.dll - fn_55DF218D
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    licdll.dll - fn_55AA6A36
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    moviemk.exe - fn_6008A35D
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    mspmsp.dll - fn_6008087D
 ... [more like this, including mssap.dll, msscp.dll, mstlsapi.dll,
          msvidctl.dll, mswmdm.dll, qasf.dll, rdpwd.sys, shmedia.dll...] 
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    wmv8dmod.dll - fn_58FB23FD
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    wmvcore.dll - fn_4F57FD4D
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    wmvcore2.dll - <b>[email protected]</b>
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    wmvdmod.dll - fn_58F4C6BD
744 . 4050EB94076376FEF53CEFF95777A784    wmvdmoe.dll - fn_58E8813D
743 . E84B4BF7E900767D5E2E33DFDF1B7C5B    d3dim700.dll - fn_7396CE20
743 . 90786D0DD5B4C01419F0D8938D1CF3D1    wmvcore2.dll - fn_56038355
743 . 94E0CD7A8AD1A53BCFE9CB60A0214F0F    srrstr.dll - fn_5C02CE8B

Figure 1: Excerpt from function database: [email protected] and duplicates throughout XP.

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