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Jolt Awards 2013: The Best Programmer Libraries

, March 26, 2013 The best programmer libraries of the past year
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Finalist: Telerik DevCraft Ultimate

Telerik's DevCraft Ultimate won a Productivity award in the Coding category at the end of 2012. Now, it has repeated acclaim in the Libraries category. All of us lean on our libraries to provide comprehensive features, tested-in quality, and especially an API that is simple and coherent. Ultimate does an admirable job of meeting these criteria across its rich family of libraries and UI components. Telerik offers the Kendo UI library for Web and mobile apps, as well as rich data visualization and Theme Builders to get just the sizzle you want. Grids, menus, and treeviews are just a few of the host of widgets Kendo supports. Because HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery make for attractive, responsive interfaces, and Ultimate even provides a subset re-creation of HTML5 capability for older browsers, as well as ASP.NET MVC extensions.

But Kendo is only part of the story. Ultimate as a library offering includes more than 350 UI controls for ASP.NET AJAX, WPF, and Silverlight, as well as WinForms libraries. Some controls, such the Grid controls and some AJAX feature require somewhat more documentation than provided, and many developers rely for this addition help on the Telerik Forums, which show good post/response time. DevCraft Ultimate is a treasure-trove of libraries to leverage for your apps. And to top off the offering, Telerik bundless several useful utilities that plug into Visual Studio: JustCode (code quality analysis), JustTrace (tracing), JustDecompile, and JustMock (testing). That's a lot of software!

— Gary K. Evans

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