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Java Redeployment-Fix Tool From Estonia

Estonia-founded Java productivity player ZeroTurnaround has released JRebel 4.5 and announced JRebel Social, a beta version of its coding support tool intended to help programmers directly address and cut the number of redeploys that they face.

Offered on a free basis for non-commercial usage, JRebel is productivity software designed to try and give Java developers a chance to instantly see any code change they make, without the need to build or redeploy the application itself. The company highlights the suggestions made in its own 2011 Java EE Productivity Report: redeploying alone consumes an average of 10.5 minutes of each coding hour, for most Java EE developers (over 5 work weeks each year).

Note: It is important to note that while ZeroTurnaround's above estimates appear to be quite palatable, the somewhat generically titled Java EE Productivity Report is in fact its own survey initiative.

JRebel Social beta works by delivering a JRebel license token directly to the developer once logged in via Facebook or Twitter.

JRebel 4.5, apart from JRebel Social beta, incorporates new features and updates from the last major release of JRebel 4.0 in May 2011. New additions and features include support for:

  • Java 7, JBossAS 7, Apache Wink, Spring Web Services, JAXB
  • Managed beans and JSF components
  • Injecting EJB references into Servlets on WebLogic 10.3.x & Glassfish 3.x
  • Adding new EJBs to JBoss 6
  • A new embedded JRebel for IntelliJ IDEA plugin

"There are millions of Java developers who are simply fed up with redeploying every time they make any change to their application. We believe that JRebel Social beta is a great way to introduce a shocking fact …that there is a way to eradicate builds and redeploys in Java, and now it's free for non-commercial users," said ZeroTurnaround CTO and cofounder, Jevgeni Kabanov.

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