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Developer Management For Multiple Architectural Considerations

Serena software has announced a new release of its Serena Development Manager Solution in a bid to win over more converts to its application delivery management approach.

The product itself drills into the processes needed to ensure that any software configuration change gets reviewed, approved, and implemented for all impacted distributed environments and mainframe platforms, including Java, .NET, z/OS, and z/Linux.

The company suggests that modern development shops have to cope with seismic shifts in terms of how they can rapidly respond to customer requests, while still maintaining the integrity and control of software development processes and code.

According to Serena, many organizations continue to struggle with the hybrid usage of Agile and waterfall methodologies across global teams and partners. Add this complication to the rapid growth of mobile, tablet, and cloud platforms — and we have a technology challenge that spans multiple form factors, programming languages, and architectural considerations.

"We're excited to offer our customers the ability to streamline and speed the overall application development delivery process," said Steve Brodie, Serena Software's Group VP for the application lifecycle management business unit. "Added innovation will allow global application development teams to design and develop new technologies in a highly efficient, transparent, and traceable way, regardless of development methodology, platforms, or process."

Capabilities of Serena Development Manager include:

  • Technology-Proof Predictability — the solution helps IT organizations create a unified, flexible, and auditable development process that works with all tools, platforms, and processes throughout the entire application development lifecycle.
  • Process-Driven Visibility — Serena Development Management helps accelerate development by removing process bottlenecks, coordinating changes, and providing real-time dashboards and updates across all projects, teams, and tools. The technology provides visibility into both development data and process metrics across all solutions in the application development lifecycle.
  • Simple Global Efficiency — the solution helps IT organizations streamline globally dispersed development by minimizing the effort for sharing and administering development data. IT can reduce development lag times by enabling teams to quickly share information without being forced to replicate files across servers around the world. Serena also offers "LAN-like" performance for globally distributed teams, so they can spend less time fetching data from remote servers.

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