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JavaScript and Node.js Inventors Join In The Cloud

Joyent and Cloud9 IDE have formed an agreement to provide web application developers with a single cloud development and deployment platform for Node.js applications from within the Cloud9 IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

In this framework, the Cloud9 IDE runs in the browser and lives on Joyent's public cloud. This in turn allows developers to deploy applications self-provisioned from their Joyent Node.js SmartMachines within the Cloud9 IDE — they can then immediately begin testing on their Node.js-based application.

Once an application is ready for production, developers are able to purchase commercial cloud services that ensure scalable, successful deployment.

There is an open source element to this equation; developers will not necessarily be locked into a single path. The companies say that while their joint solution is the easiest path for online Node.JS development and deployment, Node.JS is an open-source solution that other cloud hosters are picking up — including Rackspace, Dotcloud, VMWare, and CloudFusion.

"If you want to see the future of cloud computing, this is it. Joyent has the complete cloud data center software stack and we have the cloud-based IDE for JavaScript, which is the language used by over three-quarters of websites today and is a key part of the explosion of mobile apps," said Cloud9 IDE CEO Ruben Daniels.

"The new integrated solution lets you create your development project in Cloud9, and then test and run your code on the Joyent architecture. You don't have to create a new Joyent account — Joyent automatically accepts the login and billing information from your Cloud9 IDE account."

"We want to provide developers with the best tools for developing next-generation web applications and this partnership does just that," said David Young, Joyent CEO. "The combination of the Node.js IDE and Joyent cloud make it effortless for a developer to get an app up and running in the cloud quickly and successfully."

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