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Parallelization of SMOKE Gaming Demo


In the preceeding section, two main optimizations to SMOKE were described. First the underlying data structures for object change notifications and the way worker threads accessed and processed these notifications were restructured. This gave roughly a 12-15% overall performance improvement. The other optimization was the inclusion of the Intel TBB task scheduler to improve the load balance of the parallel execution. Prior to rework, the CPU load on a 2x 4 core machine [8] was in the range of 55% to 65%. After rework the load on the cores was in the 90% to 95% range. Frame rate improvements due to rework also improved by roughly 45% to 60%.

Summary and Conclusions

In summary, straightforward use of Intel Thread Profiler identified that:

  • The code spent a noticeable amount of time undersubscribed
  • A significant amount of serialization existed in the main computational loop
  • The concurrency levels did not change from iteration to iteration of the main computational loop
  • Under subscription occurred as a result of synchronization between iterations
  • Under-subscription was root caused to two functions responsible for object change notifications.

Examination of the source code pointed the way for the functions to be restructured and parallelized with limited points of synchronization. However, the resulting code still suffered from load imbalance. The Intel TBB task scheduler was used to improve the overall CPU load and the balance of the code. This work has demonstrated the effectiveness of the Intel Thread Profiler in conjunction with the Intel TBB library to achieve performance improvements to the SMOKE gaming demo code. One future opportunity for performance gain could be to examine the use of Intel TBB's affinity partitioner. Other avenues have been suggested and discussed in [7]. All of these considerations are expected to apply to gaming codes in general with only limited specificity if any to SMOKE itself.


We acknowledge the generous support received from Intel's Developer Products Division, Visual Computing Software Division, and Software Solutions Group during the course of this work and the writing of this article.


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[8] The system used for testing was an Intel X5355: 2x4, 2.66 GHz, 8G RAM, Windows XP x64 Pro SP2, GeForce 8800 GTX. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xeon#5300-series_.22Clovertown.22.

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