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Firefox 15: Better Graphics, Painless Updates

Mozilla's revamped browser utilizes new Web standards for better gaming, improved memory management and developer support, and best of all, less disruptive updates.

If you've ever frantically fired up Firefox to send an eleventh-hour email, you're no doubt familiar with the frustration of its update process. Good news: Firefox 15 alleviates the hassle by moving the update process to the background.

Here are five of the most noteworthy additions to Firefox 15:

1. Invisible Updates.
Current Firefox users will be safe from intrusive upgrades as soon as they install the newest version. The improved updater runs behind the scenes, downloading and installing improvements and seamlessly implementing the changes when the browser is next launched. New users can download the browser from the Firefox download page and need never know that ostentatious upgrades were ever part of the package.

2. Sophisticated Graphics and Gaming.
Firefox 15 takes advantage of new standards that allow Web applications to display 3D graphics and complicated textures. Read full story on InformationWeek

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