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Hortonworks Cofounder: Hadoop Rivals Can't Touch It

Hadoop's "big ecosystem" will make it the dominant platform for managing big data, says Arun Murphy.

Hadoop is the best and most economical option for extracting value from massive data sets, according to Arun Murphy, Apache Hadoop project management committee chair. In addition, the up-and-coming data management platform has quickly become the "de facto standard" for big data, he claimed.

Given Murphy's background, it's not surprising he's a bit biased in favor of Hadoop. One of the cofounders of Hortonworks, an enterprise software company focused on the development and support of Hadoop, Murphy has been a major participant in the open source project since its beginning in 2006.

"The exciting part of Hadoop -- and the way things have gone the last 12 months or so -- is that a lot of really big and important enterprise software companies are starting to work with it," said Murphy.

Take Microsoft, for instance. At last week's Strata Conference in New York, Microsoft announced the preview release of HDInsight Server for Windows, the first beta version of the company's Hadoop software distribution. Read full story on InformationWeek

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