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BEA Launches New Developer Site

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
November 20, 2004

BEA's new dev2dev site "features a new collaborative software development tool, dev2dev CodeShare, based on CollabNet Enterprise Edition." - Web Development

Java Newsletter - October 2004

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
October 19, 2004

Keeping up with the latest in Java development tools and APIs is a full time job these days. Luckily, Dr. Dobb's Java Newsletter is here to do the work for you. Edited by Java expert Al Williams, Dr. Dobb's Java Newsletter covers all the Java news that's fit to print, including API revisions and releases, commercial and open-source development tools, Java tech tips, and more.

Dr. Dobb's Software Tools Newsletter

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
August 17, 2004

Do you find keeping up with new developer products and version updates harder than keeping up with the Joneses (whoever they are)? If so, Dr. Dobb's Software Tools e-mail newsletter is just the deal for you. Delivered once a month to your mailbox, this unique newsletter keeps you posted on the latest in SDKs, libraries, components, compilers, and the like. - Design

The Subversion Version-Control Program

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
August 01, 2004

The Subversion version-control program provides all the benefits of CVS—along with many improvements.

Intel Opens BIOS Project

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
June 02, 2004

Intel and CollabNet are releasing the code to Intel's next-generation firmware technology, meant to succeed the BIOS.

The 14th Annual Software Development Jolt and Productivity Awards

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
June 01, 2004

Recognizing innovation, effectiveness and quality: Open source and Web offerings come of age. - Jolt Awards

Taking License

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
May 01, 2003

Some companies are stooping to temptation with draconian legal code, but in the face of looming litigation and wised-up consumers, a more equitable approach is in order.

Browser Upgrade Initiative Sparks Controversy

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
January 01, 2002

Organizations like the W3C have been hammering for years to get browser manufacturers to meet standards, but compliant browsers are no good if no one uses them. So a group called the Web Standards Project (WaSP) is campaigning to have users upgrade their browsers to the most current versions.

DevTalk, May 2001

Dr. Dobb's Journal
August 14, 2001

Reuse Through Internal Open Source

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
December 01, 2000

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