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Domain-Specific Languages Book Review

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
November 08, 2010

Martin Fowler is the Chief Scientist at technology consulting firm Thoughtworks, and author of some of the most information-rich books in the field of computing today. He is also an author who takes ... - Tools

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks Book Review

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
November 06, 2010

Ever wonder what the attraction is to those programming languages that have built up ardent followers? Have you wanted to have the time to compare and contrast these languages with a fair and honest approach? Bruce Tate, author of Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, asked these questions and took the time to find the answers. Are his discoveries worth your time and money? Read on to find out. - Tools

Jolt Productivity Awards: Development Environments #1

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
November 01, 2010

IntelliJ IDEA 9 - Jolt Awards

Pragmatic Guide to Git Book Review

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
October 29, 2010

With the release of Pragmatic Guide to Git, Pragmatic Bookshelf has launched a new line of books designed to transfer reference information as quickly as possible from the author to the reader. Does this 'just the facts' approach work? Read on to find out.

- Tools

RunRev's Kevin Miller

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
October 26, 2010

Mike Riley interviews RunRev's Kevin Miller - Tools

Dr. Dobb's Virtual Event: Soup-to-Nuts Dev

Dr. Dobb's JournalJonathan Erickson
October 22, 2010

If you've been looking for a soup-to-nuts overview of parallel programming, the place to start is Robert Geva's "Parallel Programming on Intel Architecture with Intel Parallel Studio, which is part of Dr. Dobb's SD Virtual Event: The World of Software Development on October 27, 2010.

- Parallel

Using SQLite Book Review

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
October 21, 2010

SQLite has the makings of the story of the little engine that could. Developed as a lightweight, limited alternative to traditionally designed DBMS's like SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle, SQLite has become one of the most popular databases of mobile phones, prototype web development and even small departmental data-driven applications. How does this book fair on helping developers get the most out of this remarkable database technology? Read on to find out. - Tools

Adobe Creative Suite 5: A Developer's Perspective

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
October 20, 2010

Adobe Master Collection is the Microsoft Office Ultimate Edition for developers who team with creative professionals - Design

The Linux Programming Interface Book Review

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
October 12, 2010

The expanding role of Linux in our lives is undeniable. From the servers that run our favorite websites to the smartphones that keep us on the grid, Linux continues to make a major impact in the way we connect, transfer and manipulate electronic data. However, few books have plumbed the depths of the heart of the Linux OS. Does this latest attempt by author and Linux hacker Michael Kerrisk satiate this market need? Read on to find out. - Tools

Dr. Dobb's Mobile Developer: Free, As In...Free

Dr. Dobb's JournalJonathan Erickson
October 08, 2010

If you're keen on developing software for mobile platforms, I have a treat for you. If you're not keen on mobile apps -- well, wake up, it's time to jump on the bandwagon.

- Design

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