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Adobe's Upcoming Flash Builder Release

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
April 12, 2011

With yesterday's news of Adobe's upcoming Flash Builder 4.5 release, Adobe is leaping forward with both feet in recognizing the so-called 'Post PC' era of computing. - Mobile

Arduino Cookbook Review

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
April 05, 2011

The Arduino has become a white-hot topic these days by granting the ability to allow anyone with a computer, a 30-dollar Arduino, and an incentive to route electrons through sensors and actuators and make them do interesting things. The latest book to make it to this topical pile-on is technologist Michael Margolis' Arduino Cookbook. Does it have the essential recipes to satisfy the discerning palettes of Arduino enthusiasts? Read on to find out. - Tools

R Cookbook Review

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
March 24, 2011

The timing is right for O'Reilly to have published their follow up to their Nutshell reference, the R Cookbook by Paul Teetor. Will this latest book on the language further promote its adoption? Read on to find out. - Tools

Jolt Awards: Security Tools

Dr. Dobb's Journal
March 02, 2011

This year's Jolt awards in the security category show that this segment is very much alive, with new tools that show in how many different ways threats can arise and be parried. - Jolt Awards

Drupal's Building Blocks Book Review

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
February 09, 2011

Like the Apache project, Drupal is one of the shining beacons of a successful open source project that has captured significant developer and designer mindshare in the web content management system sp... - Tools

Professional Flash Mobile Development Book Review

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
February 08, 2011

Adobe's Flash on mobile devices has had a long and interesting history, dating back to the days of when the first Flash player appeared on the Windows Mobile OS. It's a new world, and the Android and ... - Tools

Programming Python, 4th Edition Review

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
February 07, 2011

I have had the pleasure of reading author Mark Lutz's work for nearly 15 years, starting with his first edition of Programming Python way back in 1996. Since then, Python has grown from a Perl alterna... - Tools

iOS 4 Programming Cookbook Review

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
February 04, 2011

With the broader US expansion of the iPhone and iPad beyond the confines of AT&T's network, expectations are high that iOS devices will continue to show strong growth in the mobile device market for t... - Tools

Jolt Awards: Utilities Category

Dr. Dobb's Journal
February 01, 2011

Balsamiq Mockups version 2.0.10, Camtasia, and VMware Workstation shine - Jolt Awards

JetBrains' Dmitry Jemerov

Dr. Dobb's JournalMike Riley
January 26, 2011

Dr. Dobb's Mike Riley discusses the latest improvements in JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 10 with JetBrains development lead Dmitry Jemerov - Tools

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