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Dr. Dobb's Journal,
April 01, 2000

There's bad blood around Ecco's flat, as the good doctor and his sidekick Liane lend a hand to medical science.


Dr. Dobb's Journal,
March 01, 2000

Benjamin Baskerhound has turned over a new leaf, this time coming to Ecco and Liane for help, rather than mischief.


Dr. Dobb's Journal,
February 01, 2000

Landmines are a nasty piece of work, indeed. Ecco and Liane need to come up with ways to make removing them a safer proposition.

Stars and Starlets

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
January 01, 2000

Ecco and Liane do lunch and go Hollywood, as they look for ways to keep a low-budget just that.

My Enemy's Enemy

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
December 01, 1999

Ecco and Liane puzzle over the rules of friendship that exist on the island of Aresia, which has 27 ethnicities -- and each at the other's throats.


Dr. Dobb's Journal,
November 01, 1999

One man's Calabaza is another man's pocket watch, as Ecco and Liane discover this month.


Dr. Dobb's Journal,
October 01, 1999

In this month's installment, Ecco deals with the problems the rich and famous have in divvying up their loot. We all should have such problems.


Dr. Dobb's Journal,
September 01, 1999

Ecco and Liane have their heads in the clouds once again, as they try to solve space station designer Jordan Tyler's latest cargo port problems.

Laser Shuttles

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
August 01, 1999

Dr. Ecco and sidekick Liane try to solve tomorrow's problems at NASA today.

Flats and Steeps

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
July 01, 1999

Ecco and Liane are challenged by the Borghese Club to win the game of "Flats and Steeps," which is based on the principles of columns and beams.

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