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20x Faster Test Scripting, Seriously

Website and application performance improvement and load testing company Appvance has produced PerformanceCloud 2 (APC2). The product works to develop complex testing scenarios, plus repurpose functional tests to data-driven performance tests all with detailed simulated user controls.

The firm claims that test scripting with APC2 is up to 20x faster than other tools.

"This is the biggest breakthrough in performance testing in the last 20 years. No one else gives performance testers the ability to dive into the app live so you can see exactly where issues lie," said Appvance CEO, Kevin Surace.

"We are out there every day working with test teams who were frustrated with the lack of insight their other tools provided and the difficulty in developing successful scripts. Appvance was founded to deliver the best performance test and improvement platform designed to be simple, fast, secure, and rapidly scalable, and quite simply displace the old guard with technology no one else has."

The feature set includes control of simulated users to provide the most realistic test scenarios, plus maintaining compatibility with industry standard script types such as JMeter, Selenium, and Jython, which run seamlessly in APC2 and take advantage of all features. The latest release also provides support for cloud and agile development along with combining load and performance testing with the continuous integration process.

APC2 will arm serious testers with a real-time analytics dashboard that helps quickly isolate and eradicate bottlenecks and problems while tests are running.

Through APC2's Live Active Virtual Users real-time analytics dashboard, Appvance helps test teams isolate issues as they happen, down to the millisecond. With APC2, testers also get complete stack traces, along with outputs and errors for active virtual users, so they can easily investigate and intricately assess error log details of active transactions.

"The performance testing market has seen far too many over-hyped tools touting incomplete solutions that only address protocol-level issues and offer limited results that don't provide the beginning-to-end insight that professional testers need," said Srikar Achanta, applications engineering manager at Appvance. "APC2 is the first platform to offer serious testers the comprehensive breadth of features required to drive website and app performance on a day-in, day-out basis. APC2's beginning-to-end testing platform in the first technology to properly address the user experience level (UX), giving testers the most realistic test scenarios possible to mimic real-world user behaviors at scale and identifying client side code issues before launch."

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