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Jolt Awards 2014: The Best Testing Tools

, June 03, 2014 The best testing tools of the past 12 months
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Jolt Award: SmartBear SoapUI Pro 5.0

Modern software development requires developers to interact with dozens of APIs, so it is extremely important to test the interaction with these APIs. SoapUI Pro provides the most complete multiplatform automated API testing suite and allows you to build the most advanced test scenarios with just a few clicks, thus addressing most of the integration needs you might require.

Despite its misleading name, the product tests both REST and SOAP APIs. If you need to test just a few small APIs, the community supported and open source SoapUI version will take care of all your needs. However, when you work with multiple versions of larger APIs, the additional automation, integration, security testing, and reporting features in SoapUI Pro provide you an additional value that totally justifies the investment in the Pro version. For example, a data-driven test that allows you to add a data source, assert the data, and run the test against the API is an exclusive feature of SoapUI Pro.

SoapUI Pro enables you to easily validate your APIs with a broad set of updated security tests and scans. The new REST SoapUI Pro mocking capabilities make it easier than ever to create a simulation of a REST service and use it to accelerate your development process. You can easily get started with the generated MockService and also start developing tests as soon as you and your team start coding on the real API implementation. The REST Discovery feature makes it possible to create automated tests by simply recording your interactions with it. You can use any browser or client to record the interactions. This feature is truly a productivity booster.

The newest SoapUI Pro version demonstrates it is possible to provide a powerful test suite to test modern APIs that can be really easy to use. SmartBear has been continually updating SoapUI Pro with the latest capabilities to provide a very useful suite with a low learning curve and, as usual with SmartBear products, a high-quality implementation. For these reasons, SoapUI Pro garners the 2014 Jolt Award for Testing Tools.

— Gastón Hillar

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