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Dissecting Error Messages

June, 2005: Dissecting Error Messages

ApplicationExceptionInfo Custom error message formatter for the System.ApplicationException class.
COMExceptionInfo Custom error message formatter for the System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException class.
ExceptionFactory Generates a formatted error message and uses it as a description of an exception created via one of the three overloaded System.Exception constructors.
ExceptionInfo Custom error message formatter for System.Exception and all exception classes that do not have explicitly defined Custom error message formatters. This class also serves as a base class for other Custom error message formatters.
ExternalExceptionInfo Custom error message formatter for the System.Run-time.InteropServices.ExternalException class.
FormatFlags Defines enumeration flags for exception details, which will be included in the error message.
Helper Implements shared helper methods.
HttpExceptionInfo Custom error message formatter for the System.Web.HttpException class.
IMessageFormatter An interface defining the methods responsible for formatting error messages, which must be implemented by Custom error message formatters.
MessageFormatter Implements helper functions handling message formatting.
OdbcExceptionInfo Custom error message formatter for the System.Data.Odbc.OdbcException class.
OracleExceptionInfo Custom error message formatter for the System.Data.OracleClient.OracleException class.
SqlExceptionInfo Custom error message formatter for the System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException class.
SystemExceptionInfo Custom error message formatter for the System.SystemException class.
WebExceptionInfo Custom error message formatter for the System.Net.WebException class.
Win32ExceptionInfo Custom error message formatter for the System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception class.

Table 3: Library classes.

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