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Finding Binary Clones with Opstrings & Function Digests: Part III

September, 2005: Finding Binary Clones With Opstrings & Function Digests: Part III

65 . A675B247E3DA5CC0CFC0418AE0A33607 taskkill.exe - _wmainCRTStartup
65 . A675B247E3DA5CC0CFC0418AE0A33607 systeminfo.exe - start
65 . A675B247E3DA5CC0CFC0418AE0A33607 syskey.exe - _wmainCRTStartup
63 . E65204032B23E3DE64472CE99203EF34 wmspdmoe.dll - _m6_ownBitRev1_Z
63 . E65204032B23E3DE64472CE99203EF34 wmspdmoe.dll - _a6_ownBitRev1_Z
63 . E65204032B23E3DE64472CE99203EF34 wmspdmod.dll - _m6_ownBitRev1_Z
63 . E65204032B23E3DE64472CE99203EF34 wmspdmod.dll - _a6_ownBitRev1_Z
27 . D40F1D68E0D3D7859498B13925213272 provthrd.dll - 
   [email protected]@@[email protected]
27 . D40F1D68E0D3D7859498B13925213272 msmsgs.exe - [email protected]@[email protected]
27 . D40F1D68E0D3D7859498B13925213272 dpwsockx.dll - [email protected]
27 . D40F1D68E0D3D7859498B13925213272 dplayx.dll - [email protected]
27 . D40F1D68E0D3D7859498B13925213272 dplaysvr.exe - [email protected]
25 . 90ACA191ED795D375823FF86C4CDBB97 sapi.dll - __lseek
25 . 90ACA191ED795D375823FF86C4CDBB97 netfxocm.dll - __lseek
25 . 90ACA191ED795D375823FF86C4CDBB97 msvcr71.dll - _write
25 . 90ACA191ED795D375823FF86C4CDBB97 mstscax.dll - __read
25 . 90ACA191ED795D375823FF86C4CDBB97 msihnd.dll - __lseek

Figure 2: Some function signatures with different names in different files.

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