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Jolt Product Excellence Award: Testing and Debugging

Congratulations to TestComplete 8, winner of this year's Jolt Product Excellence Award in the Testing and Debugging category.

If you're looking for an easy, script-free point-and-click test harness assembly toolkit that can be promoted to a sophisticated, flexible script-driven system capable of running a range of application technologies through their paces, SmartBear Software's merger with AutomatedQA's TestComplete 8 is good news, and the tool should be at the top of any Windows developer's list.

In addition to TestComplete's full support of Windows frameworks and libraries spanning the .NET family of languages along with Silverlight and Windows Mobile emulator support, it also can be used to test Adobe AIR, Flex, and Flash as well as Java and JavaFX applications.

All the major test types can be executed, from functional, unit, and load testing to regression, data-driven, and distributed test configurations — along with several other types. Check out the nearly 30 screencasts of TestComplete 8 in action at http://www.automatedqa.com/products/testcomplete/screencasts/ and see for yourself why TestComplete 8 deserved the top spot in this year's Jolt Award test tools category.

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