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Mac OS Installer Platform From installCore

On the heels of Microsoft open sourcing .NET, self-styled "digital delivery" firm ironSource has announced the launch of installCore for Mac. The technology is intended to give Apple Mac OS developers access to a cross-platform install option optimized for "all leading" operating systems.

Hailing from Tel Aviv, ironSource calls installCore an "installation platform", and the technology handles the distribution, delivery, and monetization of web, desktop, and mobile applications.

The company claims to enable over five million installs per day, and is set to take an even greater marketshare with this latest development.

"Today's software developers and vendors need to be able to use every platform to distribute their applications to the right users," said Sagi Bakshi, GM of installCore. "installCore was designed to ensure that developers can have their applications successfully installed by as many target users as possible, and now they are better equipped to do so."

installCore has a customizable UX and after "four years of success" (the company's own claim) with the Windows Installer, the Mac Installer was developed in just half a year.

installCore clients track performance and gain insight with real-time installation analytics and BI tools, incorporating performance data from both their Mac OS and Windows OS traffic in a single dashboard.

Leading publishers such as SourceForge have started using the new installCore installer for Mac OS and are enjoying relatively high take rates.

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