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Restlet Completes "Complete" API Platform

The Restlet Studio API platform is positioned as the "world's first" browser-based IDE for APIs. It joins APISpark, Restlet's recently launched Platform-as-a-Service for web APIs, and Restlet Framework, the most popular open source framework for developing APIs in Java.

Built based on feedback from members of the 100,000-developer-strong Restlet community, Restlet's API platform addresses the growing need for consumers and corporate users to access data and business logic in real-time from any application on any device, mobile, or desktop.

Developers can get their first experience with the Restlet API platform through Restlet Studio. The browser-based IDE for APIs can be accessed for free at restlet.com/studio. Designed by leading experts on REST architecture, the new API crafting environment allows developers to rapidly create API implementations by automatically building configuration files, client SDKs, and server skeletons without having to master Swagger, RAML, JSON, or YAML.

Restlet Studio integrates with APISpark and Restlet Framework, providing a comprehensive platform for the entire lifecycle of API development, including design, development, hosting and management. It will immediately benefit both developers who need to expose data but are not experts in the REST architecture style as well as API experts who already use Restlet Framework to develop APIs.

"We developed Restlet Studio after hearing from API developers that they needed to streamline the design of APIs through a simple, visual environment that supports the most popular API languages,” said Jerome Louvel, founder and chief geek at Restlet. "While it brings tremendous value as a standalone product, Restlet Studio is also a key component of Restlet's API platform through which developers are able to create and manage APIs — and share them easily with other developers."

APISpark is a cloud service for developers seeking to quickly publish and manage APIs, and businesses that want to give application and website developers access to their data. Anyone can go to the APISpark site at restlet.com/apispark and use a web browser to securely create and publish REST APIs in minutes.

Restlet Framework is the world's most popular API development framework with 2 million downloads and a community of 100,000 developers. The open source framework is freely available from the Restlet website at restlet.com/framework or by git on GitHub.

Restlet Studio is free to use without restriction. Running in a browser, it requires no installation or configuration.

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