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SmartBear Supports Selenium WebDriver

SmartBear Software now supports Selenium WebDriver, an open source automation tool with one of the largest user communities in the software development world.

New versions of SmartBear's TestComplete and QAComplete now integrate with Selenium WebDriver, allowing teams to get more value from their Selenium tests and deliver web applications with what should (on paper at least) be higher quality and faster time to market.

Selenium is platform-agnostic, offers multi-browser support, and works with various integrated development environments (IDEs). These capabilities make Selenium appealing to development teams for test automation and unit testing of their web applications. 

On the other hand, the pressures of iterative testing in an agile or continuous delivery environment drives quality assurance (QA) teams to use tools that are easier to use and offer higher levels of abstraction for testing application business logic.

When used by itself, Selenium typically does not fit the needs of both developers and testers and can make it challenging to achieve a high degree of collaboration and automation. Close collaboration between development and QA professionals becomes even more essential when releasing high-quality software products in shorter release cycles, particularly when driven by continuous integration practices.

Additionally, relying only on Selenium can make it difficult to implement the test management practices that allow a strategic approach in an agile and DevOps environment. Testers can be hindered in their effort to prioritize testing of key features, trim down unnecessary tests, account for risk, and determine test coverage.

"Selenium is becoming the standard for web browser automation testing as it has the support of all the major web browser developers," said Dennis Callaghan, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. "The reusability, test management, and reporting capabilities provided in SmartBear's new product releases build upon the massive automation benefits Selenium already provides."

"There are a lot of things that the Selenium WebDriver Project does well and there are a lot of things that it doesn't do at all," said Jim Evans, one of the core contributors to the Selenium project and the man behind the Selenium Internet Explorer Driver, and .NET bindings. "The developers of WebDriver project have decided they are not terribly interested in providing these solutions. Things like test case tracking, reporting, pass fail analysis, and longitudinal analysis of historical test trends are things that the WebDriver project has really never made any attempt to solve. And it's the place where very often a commercial automation vendor would excel and do a lot better than something that our open source folks would be able to come up."

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