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Wolfram Mathematica 8

November 15, 2010

Wolfram Research has announced the 8th release of their flagship title, Mathematica. This new version delivers over 500 new capabilities. Read on for more details.In addition to CUDALink and OpenCLLink GPU computing support for faster computational execution, some of the other exciting features in Mathematica 8 include:

* Wolfram|Alpha integration * Oscillatory integration * Permutation Group calculations * Enhanced graphics - faster, textured polygons, etc. * New statistical functions like Non-Parametric Distributions, tool-tip data visualizations * Financial Engineering functions that span massive number of types of trading indicators, symbolic representation of cash flows, effective intreats rates, annuities, etc. and a comprehensive FinancialDerivative super-function, an InteractiveTradingChart function, and more. * Expanded image processing, including morphology, segmentation and feature detection and other features such as - arbitrary geometric transformations and image alignment - Quicktime video import/export (individual frames, live capture from a web cam, etc.) - perspective transformations and animations - the ability to detect prominent lines in an image - Live image capture (apply filters such as EdgeDetect in real-time) - Text recognition in images * Bode, Nyquist and Nichols control system visualization plots * discrete and continuous wavelet transform analysis (ex: DiscreteWaveletTransform, WavletImagePlot functions) that follow the standard convensions of the field. * Expanded network analysis (ex: Data, Social network data analysis) various graphs - export to GraphML, GXL and other popular formats.

For the Mathematica developer, Mathematica 8 features enhancements to the programming capabilities, including

- the ability to generate C code and compile to a dynamic library or standalone executable. (ex: s = ExportString[Compile[x, Sin[x^2], "C"]); - link dynamic libraries into Mathematic at run-time - compilation & parallelization support - compile and run - no need to restart the Mathematica environment.

Look for a comprehensive review of Mathematica 8 in the coming weeks.

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