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125th Anniversary of IEEE Celebrated with History Conference

IEEE, the world's largest technical professional association, is holding a Conference on the History of Technical Societies as part of its 125th Anniversary celebration in 2009.

The conference will take place August 5-7 in Philadelphia -- the location of the association's first technical meeting in 1884. It will include a series of guest speakers, workshops, a tour of the ENIAC museum, an evening reception commemorating the event, and the dedication of an IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing.

The three-day IEEE Conference on the History of Technical Societies will feature a variety of sessions that represent IEEE's vast global reach and wide range of technical disciplines, from robotics and automation and power and energy to biomedical and oceanic engineering. The lineup of speakers includes current and former IEEE Presidents, and representatives from a select number of IEEE's 38 technical societies. The work of IEEE Society members, through the production of meetings and conferences, publications, educational programs, and other activities, has been vital to advancements in technology over the past century.

"Technical societies have been a primary conduit for sharing knowledge of technological advancements, most often through gatherings at conferences or through publications," said Peter Silverberg, Communications Chair, IEEE Philadelphia Section. "Through this conference, we hope to highlight the importance of the contributions of the IEEE and other engineering societies throughout history and how they helped foster technological innovation around the world; as well as reaffirm the important role that the IEEE Philadelphia Section played in driving many of these ideas forward."

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