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July 11, 2014

Getting the Point of Points

"Points" were originally a way to talk about effort in a dysfunctional (from an agile-planning perspective) environment that focused on time-based rather than priority-based planning.

June 30, 2014

There's No Room for Deadlines

Agile thinking must extend way beyond the boundaries of the Engineering Department for it to work at all.

May 05, 2014

Test-Driven Design

Testing is valuable, but incrementally developing an optimal architecture as a side effect of testing is priceless.


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What Makes a Good Check-in?

Few organizations have strong opinions and articulated policies on what a check-in should consist of. As long as the check-in is more or less usable in a code review, it's generally considered good enough. We can do better than this by making the contents of check-ins truly useful additions to the development process.

Memory Leaks in iOS 7

iOS Networking APIs are leaking memory. The good news: You can stop them.

Developer Reading List

The best summer reads.

The Best of the First Half

The most popular articles of the first half of the year, sprinkled with a few pieces carefully chosen by the editors.

Accessing C++11 Features of the Android NDK

C++11 language features are supported in the NDK, but they require a non-default configuration.

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Can Robots See Like Humans?

Deep Belief On Raspberry Pi shows cheap devices can perform sophisticated computer vision

Intel Re-architects HPC Life Force

Fundamental building blocks of High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Jelastic Adds Advanced Ruby Support

Platform-as-Infrastructure (PaI) 2.2

Apple Swift New iOS and OS X Programming Language

The biggest iOS release since the launch of the App Store with the new iOS 8 SDK

JetBrains AppCode 3.0 With Itty Bitty Reveal

User Interface designer that works with the full iOS SDK component palette

Prelert Opens API To Anomaly Detective

Analytics engine opens and includes machine data stored in Hadoop and NoSQL

The 3 Tiers Of Software Testing

QASymphony tools include qTest Project, qTest Pro, and qTest Enterprise

Surviving Developer Decision-Making Hell

Actionable collaboration functionality software with decision-impact visualization

The Purpose of Hackathons

Mike Riley interviews ChallengePost's Brandon Kessler

Transformation For Programmers: ADOPT (Agile DevOps Process Transformation)

Tech Mahindra development platform built on CollabNet TeamForge ALM

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August 20-22. Chicago, IL. CloudOpen North America

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